Secrets of a Marathoner

On the eve of the world's oldest annual marathon, a Details editor reveals what gets her through Boston's 26.2.

For the brave of heart and fleet of foot there's only one place to be on Monday: the streets of Massachusetts, where the long-running and highly-respected Boston Marathon will take place for the 116th time. The course is challenging. Qualifying times are competitive. You've gotta bring it. Which is exactly what Sheila Monaghan, Details' new senior editor and curator of The Body section, plans to do. It will be her 11th marathon and her third consecutive year running Boston. In other words: she can kill 26.2. So we asked her to share her secrets, from signature gear to race-day strategy. "Mentally I break it down into 10/10/10. 10 miles, 10 miles and the last 10k," she says, "It's so exciting to be there but you have to be smart. I run the first 20 miles with my head and then it's heart for the last 10k." With the caveat that no two athletes are the same, here are the idiosyncratic musts of one very dominant runner.