Best Gourmet Salts

Six superlative salts everyone should stock at home

Using salt wisely and mindfully helps ensure that you eat a more balanced amount — and amps up the flavor in all your meals. To start: Toss your table and kosher salt directly in the wastebin, says Mark Bitterman, founder and owner of The Meadow, a gourmet salt emporium in Portland, Oregon and NYC.

"Kosher salt, in particular — while enjoying a bit of a boom lately because it’s got an earthy look — is a refined chemical made in a lab," says Bitterman, who ribs that "kosher salt is to salt as Velveeta is to cheese." 

Instead, Bitterman maintains that the world of salt is every bit as special and varied as that of wine. There are salts that go best with pork, some for salads, others that are perfect with a juicy, grilled peach. Here, his picks for the top six salts every kitchen should stock: