My Grammys dinner party: chef Kelis

On the menu...

"I'd smoke some lamb ribs for a few hours along with some cod for the non-red meat eaters. If you don't have a smoker, you could do these in your oven. I'd pair [the proteins] with a salad. My go-to is anything with arugula as a base—it's buttery and peppery at the same time. I'd throw in some raisins, tomatoes, cheese, and top with pecans for a crunch. The Bounty & Full Ginger Sesame Glaze is a nice salad dressing with this.

For a little extra treat (and something that's truly reflective of who I am), I'd serve some fried yucca. It's great to snack on throughout the evening—kind of like popcorn, but way better. I just chop the yucca into cubes, heat some oil, and fry until golden brown."

What we're drinking...

"I always like to be well stocked with cocktails and wine. I'd have a white wine chilled and ready to serve. I love mezcal and would definitely have some too, served straight with a slice of lime or orange or in a cocktail."

The decor...

"Never do paper plates. Never. Unless it's a barbecue. I like a nice table setup and I'm definitely into color, texture, and pretty things. It's how I cook too, I tend to gravitate towards dishes and decor that catch the eye. Presentation is everything. If you can, grab some fresh flowers. I have a candle burning when people come in, it really helps to set the mood."

The guest list...

"My closest friends, my husband, and my boys."

What we're listening to...

"For any dinner party, you want to create an atmosphere. Massive Attack's Mezzanine is nice to start, then maybe you go to Roberta Flack's Chapter Two. For the Grammys, create a playlist of classic Grammy artists that have been nominated over the years."

Practice indulgent nourishment

"Cooking is one of the best things you can do for your health.”

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