My healthy: Summer Rayne Oakes

Homemade herbal tea

“I grow lemon verbena and mint teas, and am experimenting with native ginger. I’ve never had coffee. If I’m tired, I allow myself to nap instead of going for caffeine. Sleep is so important to me.”


Moving meditation

“Sunday is my moving meditation day. I take care of my plants every day but Sunday is the day I fully reserve for them, spending anywhere between one hour to eight watering or repotting them. It makes me feel balanced.”

Terracotta pots

“Because they’re permeable, you can put them in a water reservoir so water gets pulled up through the roots of the plants.”



“Vertical planters are great for small spaces. I have DIY vertical planters in my home, but I also love WallyGro. They’re super simple and have a built-in irrigation system.”



“HydroSpikes are terracotta spikes with a tube attached for pulling water from large mason jars and vases that I put below my planters. I use them to keep my plants watered when I travel.” 


Oakes's plant picks: