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Meditate before bed, think clearly all day.

Furthermore partnered with Sleep Number to help you tap into the mind-body connection to make your sleep more sound—and productive. Sleep Number believes in the power of quality sleep and its impact on your performance.

People who get enough quality sleep have better cognitive function and improved memory, alertness, and attentiveness throughout the day. That’s why you feel more clear-minded on days after you get a good night’s rest.

The simplest way to train concentration is to pull your attention inward, says Michael Gervais, yoga instructor, creator of Equinox’s HeadStrong meditations, and director of group fitness talent and development in New York City. This mindfulness can positively impactbrain regions associated with focus.

You can bolster your slumber and manifest focus simultaneously with a 10-minute meditation practice, created by Gervais.

In the audio file above, Gervais will first walk you through a visualization exercise to center yourself. Then, you’ll do 4-7-8 breathing to deepen your relaxation. Finally, you’ll stimulate focus with physical awareness via a body scan that ends at your frontal lobes. “That’s the part of your brain that’s responsible for higher-level thinking and decision-making,” says Gervais.

Give it a try tonight and take note in the morning: Sounder sleep plus mindfulness equals a more focused, clear head that can perform better—at work and in workouts. —Caitlin Carlson

Manifest a fitter body

Try this 10-minute practice for sounder sleep and improved fitness.