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Make this 10-minute practice a nightly ritual.

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Creativity is a status symbol in 2019. If you can nurture creative thinking, you can go further in your career, in your fitness pursuits, and in every other asset of a high-performance life.

Manifesting it is simpler than it may seem. “While there are many types of creativity—some that might even be stimulated through strong emotions—creativity also comes from a relaxed nervous system; a feeling that we are safe, not in danger, and allowed to tap into the parts of ourselves that go beyond just surviving,” says Michael Gervais, yoga instructor, creator of Equinox’s HeadStrong meditations and director of group fitness talent and development in New York City.

In fact, getting quality rest can help you to acquire and perfect new skills (think: a creative yoga pose, a new deadlift variation, or a more efficient way to brainstorm) and connect new information with current knowledge. On the contrary, studies show that irregular sleep patterns can reduce creativity.

Try this tonight:

The 10-minute practice will prime your brain to be at its creative peak tomorrow—and to sleep soundly tonight. — Caitlin Carlson

Manifest focus

Meditate before bed, think clearly all day.

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Try this 10-minute practice for sounder sleep and improved fitness.