Quick trips to bucket-list destinations are now in vogue.

Quick weekend travel is nothing new—New Yorkers will regularly hop a flight to Miami, or even Europe, for three days or less, while West Coasters might head to Hawaii or Las Vegas on a whim. However, the combination of wanderlust and increasing time constraints means that travelers are seeking far-flung luxury vacations that can be enjoyed in just a few days. Thanks to private jets and personalized itineraries, these experiences are on the rise, especially for young executives and couples, according to Marc Kosberg, Miami-based luxury travel advisor with Virtuoso. He also notes that Instagram also plays a big role in the desire to visit faraway locations: “People get inspired and see more places they want to go to.” 

“[High-end] travelers are unwilling to compromise on the level of experience they expect or the remoteness of the destination,” says Tom Marchant, co-founder of luxury tour company Black Tomato, who organizes many 42 to 72-hour epic, tailor-made trips to bucket-list worthy destinations. The jaunts are from major hubs like London, New York City, and Hong Kong, where travelers leave the office Friday and are generally back for Monday meetings. 

The trick, according to Leah Howe, Equinox’s senior director of retreats and member experiences, is timing travel to allow for quality sleep on the flight— and not just a nap but a real, full night of sleep. “Then arrive in paradise by the time morning coffee is served, with zero jet lag to stop you from hitting the ground running.”

Here, four time-constrained itineraries that don’t sacrifice on luxury or distance: