Get the FEED founder's favorite leggings, oat milk, and more.

As the CEO and founder of FEED, Lauren Bush Lauren has dedicated the last decade of her life to fighting child hunger. Not only is her business committed to fair-labor production and sustainable materials, but it’s also created a new kind of transparent charity: Each FEED bag features the number of meals or micronutrient packets that will be provided to a child in need as a result of the purchase.

Lauren shares the details of her work/life balance—running her company, caring for her two young sons, and squeezing in morning workouts—with her almost 100,000 followers on Instagram. At FEED’s holiday pop-up shops in LA, Houston, and Kansas City, she’s looking forward to meeting them in person. “I’m so excited to create an opportunity for physical interaction with customers and communities,” says Lauren. Below, she shared the nine must-have items she’s had on hand while gearing up for her busy season.