Train smarter, not harder, with this routine.

Between AMRAP circuits, HIIT sessions, and endurance runs, the “go hard or go home” mentality can be pervasive in exercise.
Sometimes, it pays to do less: fewer sets and reps, lower intensities, slower movements. This can help recruit small, stabilizer muscles, improve mobility, and balance the autonomic nervous system, says Michol Dalcourt, the San Diego-based creator of the ViPR, founder of the Institute of Motion, and member of the Equinox Health Advisory Board.
What’s more, doing less allows you to focus on form and precision at a whole new level. “Even the simplest actions require well-timed coordination between many parts of the body,” says Matt Berenc, CSCS, director of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute in Beverly Hills.
The below workout is the epitome of doing less for greater benefits. For optimal results, do each move slowly and perform the routine at least 3 times per week.