My healthy: HigherDOSE founders

Katie Kaps and Lauren Berlingeri on hot and cold therapy, celery juice, and more

An infrared sauna session can alleviate muscle soreness and leave you with a glowing complexion, say the New York City-based co-founders of HigherDOSE, Katie Kaps and Lauren Berlingeri. Following it up with a dose of cold therapy can reap even more mind-body benefits, they say. “After 35 minutes in the infrared sauna, I take a three-minute freezing-cold shower,” says Berlingeri. “It leave me feeling euphoric.” Here, Berlingeri and Kaps share more ways they keep their skin, bodies, and minds healthy—all while running a growing business. Read our Q&A with the duo here.

dry brushing and oil massage

“Dry brushing detoxifies, increases blood flow and circulation, and is a great exfoliant. I follow it up with jojoba oil to calm and nurture my skin,” says Berlingeri. “The combination has been a part of my daily routine for many years.”

innisfree sheet masks

“If I feel like my skin needs a pick-me-up, I just pop on a hydrating Korean face mask,” says Kaps. “After 10 minutes, boom, my skin looks fresh and dewy.”
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red led light therapy

“Red light is a stimulating color, that increases blood flow, builds collagen, and stimulates cell growth,” says Berlingeri. “I have a Celluma at home but I also choose the red light in our saunas as we have a medical grade chromotherapy.”
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lifespan treadmill desk

“My treadmill desk allows me to get exercise while I work,” says Kaps. “Plus, walking increases blood flow to the brain, so I'm more productive.”
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celery juice

“I used to wake up and immediately drink a large coffee but recently I learned about the benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach every morning,” says Berlingeri. “It's amazing for glowing, clear skin and great for the liver.”

higherdose infrared wrap

“When I want a HigherDOSE sweat session but don't feel like leaving the house, I hop into our at-home HD infrared body wrap,” says Kaps. “It provides the same benefits of our sauna but it's much more portable.”
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