Upgrade your bedding

Never sweat the bed again.

For a long time, cotton was king in the bedroom. But today, innovations in bedding are taking cues from both the exercise arena and the spa industry. “Just as we think about weights, bands, and all of the other tools we use for fitness, so, too, are we well-served to think about the tools of a good night’s sleep,” says Rebecca Robbins, Ph.D., a post-doctoral research fellow at NYU School of Medicine’s Center for Health Behavior Change. 

High-tech sheets wick away sweat and regulate body temperature. “A hot and stuffy bedroom is one of the top complaints we see from people who report poor sleep quality,” says Robbins. Researchers have long known that cold temperatures aid sleep, and cooling off is particularly important for athletes, who tend to sleep hot. “If you can make your bedroom a place that induces relaxation right away, too, it’s going to be fundamentally easier to make sleep a priority,” says Robbins. That’s important given sleep’s paramount role in not only overall health but athletic performance. Research shows that a better night’s rest can improve markers of fitness, such as V02 max. 

Here are a few bedding options to consider.