tyler haney


The Outdoor Voices founder on her one travel essential

When Tyler (Ty) Haney graduated from Parsons University in New York City in 2012, she felt like there was something missing in the activewear market. As an equestrian and runner, she was looking for less neon and mesh and more pastel and jewel-tones—gear that would appeal to exercisers who weren’t necessarily competitive. 

“When it comes to inspiring daily activity, moving your body and having fun with friends is more important than a win,” the 29-year-old says. That was her impetus for founding Outdoor Voices in 2014. Their color-blocked leggings garnered a cult-like following; most recently, the brand launched a line of high-impact sports bras. 

Haney starts her day with 30 grateful breaths followed by exercise, whether that’s walking her Havapoo, Bowie, or running a three-mile loop on her favorite Austin, Texas trail. Here, the essentials that take her from morning to night.