My Healthy: Sam Anderson

The restaurant veteran and marathoner shares his running essentials

For beverage and wine director Sam Anderson, running was a means to escape a tough situation. While he was earning national attention for his cocktail program at Mission Chinese Food in New York City, Anderson grappled with alcoholism, depression, and a smoking habit he couldn’t kick. Five years ago, he discovered long-distance running. He dove headfirst into the sport and disentangled himself from his vices

Today, he’s run every New York City Marathon since 2014 and often logs more than 80 miles a week. He also works out with a personal trainer at Equinox Bond Street and he prioritizes regeneration: “My recovery routine is focused on rest, massages, and physical therapy. I also find yoga to be very restorative, and I love attending classes when I can,” he says.

Here, Anderson shares his gym bag essentials, favorite running shoes, and the sports drink he uses to PR.