Smoked trout with pickled beets

Take advantage of the underappreciated fish.

“Like salmon, trout is packed with omega-3s and it’s low in mercury,” says New York City-based recipe developer Laura Rege. Here, she pairs it with antioxidant-rich beets, which have been shown to help boost exercise performance.

Serves 1

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Photography by Jennifer Causey


4 ounces pre-cooked beets, patted dry and cut into ½-inch wedges
½ cup cherry tomatoes, halved
1 2 ½-ounce piece of smoked trout
1½ cups baby spinach, packed



In a small airtight container, combine the beets with the mustard vinaigrette.


In a separate airtight container, combine the spinach with the tomatoes and flake the trout on top. Store everything in the fridge.



Add the beets to the salad and drizzle any dressing left in the container over the salad; toss to combine.