Drink water like a martini

The novelty of it will stave off boredom.

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A new study found that when people eat popcorn with chopsticks or drink water from martini glasses, they’re more immersed in the experience and find it more enjoyable.
The brain has evolved to automate predictable experiences, says study co-author Rob Smith, Ph.D., assistant professor of marketing at The Ohio State University in Columbus. If you expect to eat the same dinner of chicken and sweet potatoes with a knife and fork off of a white plate every day, the meal will start to feel monotonous.

People pay more attention to first-time experiences. Eating from a mug instead of a plate, using unconventional cutlery, or drinking your latte from a bowl can make your meals feel novel and exciting again.
If your usual dinner or midday snack starts to feel stale, switching up your utensils or tableware can bring it back to life, Smith says.

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