Try It: Cold-Pressed Skincare

The method can increase the effectiveness of products.

Cold pressing is no longer reserved for your daily green juice. An increasing number of beauty companies are using the technique to get the most nutrients out of their products, from cleansers to make-up removers to face masks. Cold pressing involves grinding fruits or seeds to extract their natural oils sans heat. “Theoretically, without using heat, enzymes and nutrients are more likely to remain intact,” says Sejal Shah, MD, a dermatologist based in New York City. That means there would be a higher concentration of active ingredients for better results. The process also allows the formula to have more of the actual extracts and less fillers like water and inexpensive oils that dilute its integrity, explains Shah.

Ahead, Sarah Garland, senior manager of planning for the Spa at Equinox, shares her favorite cold-pressed options.