My Summer Party: Lewis Miller

How the flower guru curates a poolside lunch

When it comes to luxe events, Lewis Miller, the New York City-based founder of Lewis Miller Design, knows how to execute them perfectly. Whether it’s a rustic farm wedding or opulent housewarming, his parties all have one thing in common: stunning floral displays. In celebration of LGBTQ pride this month, Miller is partnering with Equinox to do a series of his signature flower flashes (placing arrangements in unexpected places). The first kicks off on June 19 with a colorful display at the New York City AIDS Memorial outside of the Equinox Greenwich Avenue club. 

And gorgeous flowers are present at his own personal get-togethers, too. “In summer, I prefer a poolside lunch rather than a traditional dinner party,” says Miller. “They have a more relaxed vibe, conversations are less formal and more fun, and impromptu dance parties can occur,” he says. “Plus, if the discussions get too heated, everyone can jump in the pool to cool off.”
Here, Miller shares what’s he’s serving, the music, and more.