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All-natural sex products are picking up steam.

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Brands like Sustain Natural, Lola, Glyde, and Hanx sell condoms, lubes, and wipes that are touted as vegan, cruelty-free, and fair trade. They’re also marketed as dairy-free, gluten-free, and sans chemicals, additives, and preservatives.
There's a small case for the organic condoms: Research shows some mainstream varieties release nitrosamine (a carcinogen also found in balloons and cosmetics), but your body absorbs so little of it that it’s almost negligible, says Jacques Moritz, MD, an OB/GYN at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City and a member of the Equinox Health Advisory Board. Hardcore vegans might gravitate toward all-natural varieties because they’re free of casein, a dairy byproduct.

In general, you can skip the lube and wipes altogether. “Unless you recently gave birth, had surgery, or you’re just not excited, the safest lube is no lube,” he says, because the natural type your body makes comes with zero risks of irritation. “After sex, soap and water work pretty damn well." (Still, wipes can be convenient when you're in a rush or on the go.)

All-natural condoms, lubes, and wipes are just as effective as mainstream ones, Moritz says. If they align more with your morals, they’re a safe option, but not necessarily a healthier one.