Elevated carry-on essentials

Seven items high performers pack to stay comfortable, satiated, and relaxed

Flying doesn’t have to be stressful; you can start your vacation from the moment you depart with a relaxing and enjoyable flight. The key lies in your carry-on. Instead of relying on your standard neck pillow and less-than-healthy airport snacks, elevate your on-board bag with these must-have items, recommended by frequent fliers.

mz wallace medium metro tote

"This one is our go-to since its unique construction makes it foldable, rollable, packable, even crushable, and it will never lose its shape. Plus, it’s really roomy and weighs almost nothing." -Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice, founders of MZ Wallace
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bulletproof fat fueled chocolate

"Stock your carry-on bags with more snacks than you think you'll need. We reach for heartier, travel-safe foods like granola, nuts, trail mix, and sturdy fruit, plus a bar of good, salted chocolate—because you just never know." -Kenzi Wilbur, food editor and writer
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immunocologie vital ionic mist

“From changing air pressure to decreased humidity, the plane cabin is a less-than-ideal place for skin. Applying a mineral-rich mist every hour or so will help keep your skin feeling fresh." -Karen Ballou, founder of beauty brand Immunocologie
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marvis travel toothpaste

"I have a closet of travel-sized goodies that I bring with me whenever I am on the move. This toothpaste is perfect for waking up after the red-eye and feeling refreshed." -Josh Udashkin, founder of Raden
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yoga tune up therapy balls

“Use this to roll out your glutes and hamstrings on the seat. Then kick off your shoes and roll the balls beneath your feet to keep your lymphatic system flowing.” -Jenn Miller, author of The Roll Model
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four sigmatic chaga mushroom elixir mix

“I make it a point to incorporate some sort of supplement while I’m in transit to keep my immune system in check,” says Rubio. “I like that this brand makes individual packs that are easy to throw in your bag and mix with water or whatever liquid you have on hand.” -Jen Rubio, co-founder of Away
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de mamiel altitude oil

"I’m a big fan of this all-natural skincare brand. We keep this oil on hand when traveling on planes and like to inhale a drop or two to help boost our immune systems." -Lily Rogath, co-founder of Imbibery
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