The actor shares his go-to cardio sneakers and the classic pair he wears for long days on set.

In our series, My Shoe Arsenal, we go into the closets of celebrities and athletes to see their footwear collections. We’re not talking about the latest pair of Air Max that will never be taken out of the box. Instead, we want to see the shoes that get them through their fast-paced days and workouts, whether they’re runners, cyclists, barre converts, or weightlifters. Next up, Blair Underwood.

For Quantico star Blair Underwood, fashion has always been a part of the high-performance lifestyle. Six years ago, the actor and director started a clothing line. Now, he’s zeroed in on shoes with the launch of Right Bank Shoe Co. for Blair Underwood. “You can have an outfit that kind of halfway works but if the shoes work, the whole outfit works,” says Underwood. “If you have a $4,000 suit on that looks good but you’ve got the wrong shoes on, none of it works.”

The collection has been a chance to challenge himself, evolve, and grow. “It’s stretching another creative muscle,” he says.

But while the line will include casual and dress men’s shoes, fitness footwear certainly also has a place in Underwood’s personal wardrobe. “It behooves me to stay in shape. I've always taken that seriously,” he says. “Now it's just really routine.”

Here, a peek at the actor's shoe rack—and the pairs that carry him on and off the screen.

For our first guest editorship, Furthermore selected a partner who epitomizes the high-performance lifestyle. Blair Underwood stars in Quantico (season three premiered on April 26) and just launched a new shoe line, Right Bank Shoe Co. for Blair Underwood. He does it all—and maintains his notorious youthfulness—by eating well, staying physical, and staying emotional. He’s curated a series of articles for Furthermore (at left) that highlight his passion for balance and motion.

Photography by Keith Morrison