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The pro surfer shares her picture-perfect evening routine

Working out is a way of life for professional surfer Tia Blanco. In addition to up to thrice-daily surf sessions, she exercises on land four to five days a week. “I try to focus on my endurance and strength training,” she says. “If I’m not in the gym, then I’m at home doing yoga or I go for an outdoor run.” This routine, she hopes, will help her qualify for the World Surf League championship tour. 

She’s also driven by the way that her healthy lifestyle makes her feel. “Take care of your mind, body, and soul every day,” says Blanco. “Eat healthy, stay active, sleep well, and work on being in tune with your inner self.” But she also emphasizes balance: “Always put 100 percent into the things you do, but also make sure you leave time to reflect, relax, and recover.” 

Here are some of Blanco’s favorite wellness essentials that help her do just that.