Athleisure Meets Art

Active apparel gets a hit of creative inspiration from street installations.

Skate parks, athletic courts, and other public outdoor spaces have become blank canvases for immersive—and sometimes spontaneous—artworks. (Think: Chihuly's Rose Crystal Tower in Union Square Park, the Kaws basketball courts on the lower east side (now closed), and Sheila Hicks's sculptures on the Highline, all in New York City.) These of-the-moment expressions of creativity are now inspiring activewear designers.

Look anywhere from the runway to sneaker shops and you’ll find plenty of graffiti- and sculpturally-influenced pieces to choose from, items featuring large swaths of bright colors and bold, architectural lines. But instead of hard graphic stripes found in traditional color blocking, these picks take a more freeform approach. Primary colors and neons are hallmarks of this look, but black and white accents ground them, making them wearable inside of the gym and out.