Editor's pick: red lipstick

Glamour comes with conscience in this new French offering.

If I was limited to one lipstick forevermore, this new cult French brand offers a collectible leather case with cutting-edge technology and rigorous eco-credentials, in effortless Parisian beauty perfectionism.

The Actual Product: Six shades of red plus a neutral that suits all, made from an original home infusion formula and hand-poured. The lipstick is also free of plastics and other harmful chemicals—and endocrine disruptors (who knew?)—and in the first ever environmentally-friendly, recyclable plastic refill. The case is handcrafted in haute-leather, you pop in the refill and it snaps shut with a magnet. (For online orders, their craftsman can also customize with silver initials.)

Extra Bespoke Points: Next-level beauty luxury and exclusivity is this: your own tailor-made shade. From a photograph or an object—say a favorite dress or snapshot of your Mom’s vintage red car—shared via a mobile app, their workshop can do a made-to-measure formula, numbered with your shade’s very own unique code, which makes it extremely gift-friendly.

Other Kindness Points: For every unit sold, they donate 100 liters of safe drinking water to children via Eau Vive Internationale. Their precision manufacturing process, developed for pharmaceuticals, purports to use use less water and energy than industry standards.

How to Wear: As with all classic reds, let it do the talking and wear it literally anywhere with almost anything. With structured black clothes, go easy and dab it on like a stain, otherwise the look can get vampy. Keep skin scrubbed and dewy, light or neutral eyes, hair with minimal volume and everyday texture. Remember, the more natural and perfectly French, the better.