What Pilates Instructors Do When They Travel

Try your favorite reformer moves at home or on the road.

You can’t take your favorite instructor or a bulky Pilates reformer with you when you travel—but this plan is the next best thing. The secret of its success: a simple band. “The beauty of working on equipment like a reformer is it aids your alignment to ensure you’re getting the full benefits of an exercise,” says Amber Adams, Pilates manager at Equinox East 54th street. “On a mat, a band’s resistance can act as a substitute to spring resistance, helping you maintain your alignment. It also ensures you’re engaging your small and deep muscles, rather just your large ones.”

The moves here are quintessential Pilates—some of the classical exercises you’d perform on a reformer—and together they strengthen your muscles from head to toe. “The plan challenges every dimension of your body: the front, sides, and back,” says Adams, who designed the routine and demos the moves below. Do this workout when you can’t make it to the studio; you’ll never have to skip a session again.

You’ll need a yoga mat and a flat, medium-resistance band. (If you’re using a Theraband, try a blue one.) Do 1 or 2 sets of each move in order. Perform the workout as many days per week as you’d like.