Fall fashion trend: head start

This season, put a lid on it.

Fall and early winter, before the chill sets in, is my favorite time to max out style; this season offers endless opportunities for layering, playing with textures, structure and volumes. The runways are always overflowing with new ideas, but many are unachievable and unrealistic for real life. So I have curated the trends that matter for those of us that lead an active life on the move, prioritizing pragmatism, those of us needing fashion to work for us, not vice versa—otherwise why invest? Fall in love, go on, I dare you. There is plenty here to whisk you off your feet, or just keep them squarely on the ground. Follow along as I provide guidance on these trends, one by one, over the next several weeks. Previously, I've discussed athletic layering, getting political, practical bags, spice colors,plaids, hiking boots andoversized overcoats. Below, the eighth trend:

Trend 8: Berets, Beanies and Baseball Hats, Revised

As fashion accessories, elevated, high-fashion hats (as opposed to their more casual counterparts) get overlooked, usually because of the association with horse racing and weddings, and the general effort involved in wearing them. Yet this season, for headgear, the street has come to the runways. Casual is key here: The standout of the season was Dior’s black leather beret, which carried connotations of the Black Panther movement as much as Parisian beatniks, but reworked now feels just right. Hipsters can also rejoice, as beanies and baseball hats were a huge hit. For something more sophisticated, Prada and Coach did a perfect take on polished yet casual wearability in luxe fabrics.

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