Fall fashion trend: getting political

Designers are making another kind of statement.

Fall and early winter, before the chill sets in, is my favorite time to max out style; this season offers endless opportunities forlayering, playing with textures, structure and volumes. Therunwaysare always overflowing with new ideas, but many are unachievable and unrealistic for real life. So I havecurated the trends that matterfor those of us that lead an active life on the move, prioritizing pragmatism, those of us needing fashion to work for us, not vice versa—otherwise why invest? Fall in love, go on, I dare you. There is plenty here to whisk you off your feet, or just keep them squarely on the ground. Follow along as I provide guidance on these trends, one by one, over the next several weeks. Previously I discussed athletic layering. Below, the second trend:


Activism and Logos Signify Sartorial Allegiances

In this surreal and unsettling political climate, both domestically and abroad, it’s no coincidence that designers are responding in their own way. Put simply, you know that if a house as unapologetically superficial as Versace plasters its runway with social justice slogans such as Unity and Equality, something is afoot in fashion. Other designers that made some noise include Prabal Gurung, whose finale featured a powerful female warrior force in matching t-shirts stating 'The Future Is Female,' and London’s Ashish, who amped up the camp with sequinned comments such as 'More Glitter Less Twitter.' And for style devotees who wear brand devotion rather than hearts on their sleeves, houses including Dior and Kenzo revamped the logo. All in all it points to style being ever tribal, whichever your tribe may be. Just be sure to rein in the statement-making and not pair with khaki or too much maximalism, and opt for one logo or statement piece with other quiet and clean classics.

More Fall Fashion Trends:

Trend 1: Athletic Layering

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