Fall fashion trend: practical bags

Designers are lightening our proverbial loads with functional pieces.

Fall and early winter, before the chill sets in, is my favorite time to max out style; this season offers endless opportunities for layering, playing with textures, structure and volumes. The runways are always overflowing with new ideas, but many are unachievable and unrealistic for real life. So I have curated the trends that matter for those of us that lead an active life on the move, prioritizing pragmatism, those of us needing fashion to work for us, not vice versa—otherwise why invest? Fall in love, go on, I dare you. There is plenty here to whisk you off your feet, or just keep them squarely on the ground. Follow along as I provide guidance on these trends, one by one, over the next several weeks. Previously I discussed athletic layering and getting political. Here, my third trend:

Trend 3: Practical Magic:Bags With Purpose

Finally, finally: designers are cottoning onto the fact that form should follow function when it comes to what we carry. Nothing is more irritating than investing nearly a month’s rent only to find that delving for a ringing cell phone becomes an undignified frantic scramble due to fiddly fastenings; it's equally frustrating when you can’t actually fit in all your daily necessities (and a few luxuries). Enter the new oversize shapes that double as an overnight bag for economical packers. The high impact of city life often means that a cross-body bag is essential in order to hail a cab while on a conference call and balancing a takeout coffee, and there are plenty of those this season.

As for really small options, clutch bags will always be a classic but wearing your lipstick and keys on the new mini body bags means cocktail hour has two free hands to balance martinis and canapes, or make ultimate dance floor shapes. Thanks to namely Gucci and Supreme, the fanny pack has re-emerged with a bang—at last, there is no shame in being 100% practical and stylish simultaneously. And last but not least, the most practical of all—the backpack. While it has been popping up here and there over recent seasons, this fall confirmed its here-to-stay status.

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