For the runner

This list will help novices and marathoners go that extra mile.

For runners, gifts must be functional for both performance and recovery. From regeneration gadgets to winter-ready gear, these items could translate to 2018 PRs—which are surely on every runner's wish-list.


These cleats screw into a sneaker's rubber sole to allow for running on rocky trails or icy surfaces.
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nathan lightspur rx

This on-the-go light can be clipped to the heel of a shoe, displaying a red, green, or blue light.
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trigger point grid mini foam roller 

Have foam roller, will travel: The pint-size option fits comfortably in a carry-on.
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nomader collapsible water bottle

The silicone bottle is both leak-proof and foldable, ideal for stashing in your gym bag.
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normatec pulse leg recovery system 

These inflatable leg sleeves have five zones that compress, working all the way from the feet up to the hips.
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powerdot uno muscle stimulator 

If you don't want to go full sleeves, this device syncs with any smartphone in order to generate electrical stimulations for tired muscles.
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tracksmith turnover tights 

Designed for cold temperatures, these leggings offer warmth and comfort without restricting a runner's stride.
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lululemon metal vent tech short sleeve 

This lightweight, breathable tee is designed to reduce chafing while wicking away sweat; it's the ideal base layer.
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oiselle classic lesley tights

These running bottoms feature reflective elasticized tape trims that make them ideal for night runs.
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