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My Healthy: Galen Hooks

9 items that keep the star choreographer on her game

Rihanna. John Legend. Missy Elliot. Justin Bieber. These are just a few of the 60 artists who have worked with creative director and choreographer Galen Hooks. Amateur dancers aspire to train with her as well; Hooks’ YouTube video views number over 18 million and she hosts live dance training experiences for all skill levels in LA and New York (find the 2018 dates here; next up is her Night of Dance in LA on December 9th.). But her travel schedule is not limited to those two cities. “This year alone I've been to about 15 countries and a dozen domestic cities," says Hooks.

When she’s not on the road or teaching choreography—which is great exercise, she notes—she's in the workout studio. “When I was a professional dancer, eight-hour rehearsals were all the exercise I needed. Now that I’m behind the scenes, I have to supplement it with reformer and mat Pilates."

Here are a few more things that keep the globe-trotting dance phenom on her toes.