Our fit registry: the humanitarian couple

Eco-friendly and charitable products are on their wish list.

Lately, some engaged couples are pushing beyond the typical china patterns and flatware sets, asking their friends and family to toast their special day with fitness classes, camping gear, and even high-tech blenders. It's true: fitness registries are having a moment. That’s why Equinox has partnered with Zola, allowing couples to register for memberships and personal training sessions. To give you a better idea of just how healthy a registry can be, Furthermore is profiling a series of high-performing couples—and getting a glimpse at their unique wish lists. The latest couple was the track stars Gia Trevisan and Corey Butler. Here, meet the fourth pair.

A shared business project brought Danielle Gano and Adam Finck together. “Adam was working for an organization in Africa called Invisible Children, and I happened to be doing their PR,” says Gano. Three years later the couple is about to say ‘I do’ in a ceremony in Big Sur, California. “For the honeymoon we are planning on going to Australia, New Zealand, and Turtle Island Fiji, which is an island rooted in sustainability and conservation practices,” says Gano. And though relaxing and unplugging is the main goal of the trip, exercise will be a must-do every day. “Adam loves to surf, so he will be doing a lot of that during our vacation while I will probably run around the beach for a couple of hours,” says Gano, who is an experienced marathon runner. Here, the couple shares their registry, which is both environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious.

group gift: honeymoon fund

"Traveling has been a big part of our relationship and are so excited to be heading to Turtle Island Fiji, which pairs an ultimate serene and peaceful paradise with plenty of adventure. We know it's going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we gave our guests an opportunity to contribute in lieu of a gift," says Gano.

raven + lily chabi ceramic bowls

"We cook healthy meals at home a lot, and we also love entertaining guests. It makes it more fun to have beautiful dishes to serve food from, and we love everything from Raven + Lily, especially these beautiful hand-painted ceramic bowls from Morocco," says Gano.
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rose + fitzgerald baker's modern safari chair

"Our busy lives require tranquil relaxation, and creating space for that in our home is really important to us. We love these safari chairs from Rose + Fitzgerald, which also remind us of fun adventures we have had in Uganda, South Africa, and Mozambique," says Finck.
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soko iga cuff bracelet

"I had these bracelets customized for all of our bridesmaids, and now I'm crushing on them so much I want one of my own," says Gano.
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kuju coffee

"Our wedding is going to be at our favorite campground in Big Sur, and we never say no to a chance to pop up our rooftop tent and sleep outside. Kuju Coffee makes the first-ever pocket pourover, which gives us coffee-shop quality brew from the comfort of our campfire," says Finck.
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onehope wine

"To say we're OneHope Wine fans is a massive understatement. On top of being some of our favorite wines from Napa, we love that each varietal is paired with a cause, and that they give back with every purchase," says Gano.
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ora organic subscription

"We make smoothies for breakfast every day (and sometimes even for dinner when life gets busy), and love the Ora Organic products so much," says Gano.
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"We're both pretty conscious about using products that are safe for people and the planet and we have fallen in love with Biossance. We use their squalane oil everywhere —on our faces daily as a moisturizer, but also on our hair and skin— so it's hard to keep it stocked in our house," says Gano.
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reverie mare mediterranean sea mist

"Another product we can't seem to get enough of is this sea salt spray, which is handcrafted in California using the finest botanical ingredients. It is going to be the only hair routine we'll need during our honeymoon," says Gano.
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sudara punjammies

"We love the cozy his-and-hers PJs from Sudara, but even more we love that they are made by women in India who have escaped from or are at the highest risk of human trafficking. They're the ultimate look-good-feel-good garment," says Gano.
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