5 Reviving Scalp Scrubs

Fall is a particularly important season for promoting healthy hair.

It's not just your visage that needs to be exfoliated—the skin on your scalp does too. “We use scrubs on our faces and bodies because it helps remove the dead cell layer that can make skin look dull,” says Robert Anolik, M.D., a Manhattan-based dermatologist. “You can’t see the scalp so there’s no cosmetic motivation, but it can still benefit from a scrub.”

And now is the time to try it. “Most of my patients struggle with the transition to cooler temperatures. There’s less humidity in the air and skin can’t retain water, so dryness increases everywhere and it often leads to an inflamed, itchy, flaky scalp," says Anolik. And chronic scalp inflammation can lead to thinning hair, which is why taking a few minutes to gently buff your roots once or twice a week (do it in the shower pre-shampooing) is so important, he adds.

The best scrubs merge soothing and moisturizing agents with exfoliators to help calm any irritation. Here, five options to try this season.