The Retro Workout You Need Right Now

Like many of the biggest trends of the ‘80s, the step is back.

First introduced in 1989 as the base for the aerobics phenomenon, the step is now a key building block for some fresh, challenging moves that incorporate bodyweight, dumbbells, even the TRX. “We’ve found ways to utilize this tool in more fun, creative, and mindful ways,” says Josh Vela, group fitness manager at Equinox 92nd Street. “Being elevated on the step allows you to explore a deeper range of motion and requires you to focus on balance which means you’re more challenged than you would be on the ground.” These exercises from Vela, which can be done as a routine or incorporated individually into your favorite circuit, provide a full-body workout that increases strength, flexibility, stability, and mobility. 

The Workout: Perform 8 to 12 reps (per side) of each move in a circuit fashion. Take up to 30 seconds to rest between moves. Do 3 to 4 sets total.