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Recover with Infrared Activewear

The latest athleisure trend could help decrease muscle fatigue.

Every athlete knows that education is a crucial part of performance. Sport and exercise research, insight from top trainers, science, and technology help you to better understand your body so you can craft a healthier lifestyle, workouts, and recovery plan.

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British brand KYMIRA Sport, Australian-based Spiritus, and Under Armour are spearheading the latest in recovery wear. Their clothing promises to boost energy levels, promote cell regeneration, and improve sleep quality and recovery.


“While more research needs to be done to fully vet the impact of this type of garment, based on initial findings it can have a positive impact on an athlete's performance and recovery,” says Matt Berenc, director of education at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute. "The technology helps improve circulation, which means more oxygen is delivered to the working tissues and is being utilized more effectively. This results in a delay in the onset of fatigue (particularly in endurance focused events),” explains Berenc. What is more, infrared activewear can also reduce inflammation, providing a potential antioxidant function, adds Berenc. 


Athletes should invest in infrared athleisure as part of a holistic approach to training and regeneration, says Berenc. He notes that other infrared therapies, such as saunas, can also be beneficial as part of a well-rounded routine.