dara torres beach essentials

My Beach Essentials: Dara Torres

The Olympic swimmer shares her favorite bikini, water bottle, and more

Olympic swimmer Dara Torres feels at home in the pool and also at the beach. “My business suit is my swimsuit so I had to get over any fear of anyone seeing my psoriasis on my elbows or back really quickly,” says Torres, who was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease that causes itchy red patches on the skin when training for the ’92 Olympics. The condition is aggravated a bit by chlorine, but salt water and going to the beach actually makes it feel a bit better, she says. "I don't cover up any outbreaks at the beach; it's about being yourself," says the athlete who has recently partnered with the company Celgene on the “Show More of You" campaign. Here, the 12-time Olympic medalist shares her must-haves for trips to the ocean.