Where the Jet Set Skinny Dips

5 luxurious places to bare it all

Though headline-makers like Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom, and Rihanna keep skinny dipping in the news, it’s historical significance relates to health and performance.

Bare bodies in natural environments started to gain momentum in the 18th century when the English town of Bath publicized its hot mineral springs for therapeutic and healing properties, according to the BBC. In the U.S., suit-free swimming was encouraged as late as the 1900s. In fact, from 1926 to 1962, each edition of The American Public Health Association standard health guidelines recommended it. Many prominent figures even publicly declared their love of skinny dipping, including American president Theodore Roosevelt.

But today, in a society where swimwear is the standard, taking a skinny dip can be exhilarating. Here, five locales at which to give it a go—plus, luxe hotel and resort options in each. *Note that skinny dipping is technically not legal in public spaces in Mexico or Key West.