What we read: Japan is blooming

Plus, the reason people cry on planes and why you should care about seagrass.

time to book a trip to japan: cherry blossom fever is arriving earlier than usual in kawazu.

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"i was good, but i was never going to be lance armstrong," says star chef daniel humm of his cycling career. "i decided to put all my energy into cooking. i made cooking my sport."

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if you're looking for some beard inspiration, there's a style best-suited to every face shape.

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make sure to pack some tissues in your carry-on. here's why people are prone to shedding tears on planes.

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seagrass may be the "ugly stepchild of marine organisms," but the plant is vital for maintaining vibrant fish ecosystems, preventing disease, and fighting global warming.

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yet another reason to lace up: a recent study showed marathoners live an average of 19 years longer.

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