Hot topic: adaptogenic skincare

Protect your skin from winter weather (and ward off aging) with herbal products.

Adaptogens—unique plants and herbs—are getting a lot of play these days. That's because they are believed to help the body to adapt to everyday challenges like lack of sleep, changes in weather, and physical and emotional stress. For example, herbal supplements like ginseng, eleuthero, licorice root, and ashwagandha are said to help ward off stress and depression. They work by stabilizing and restoring physiological functions (like naturally lowering blood pressure and improving oxygen use in the body). And now, adaptogenic properties are being used in skincare products to help balance the skin.

“The skin is one of the smartest organs we have because it is one of the few that is able to regenerate,” says Nicolas Travis, founder of adaptogenic skincare line, Allies of Skin. Their products, she says, provide the essential nutrients your skin needs to heal itself from environmental irritants like pollution and sun exposure. The adaptogens help regulate internal and external inflammation, which causes aging of the skin.

“As the world continues to grow more stressful, toxic, and complicated, we have a growing need for adaptogens in skincare as well as in the general market place," says Kristin Petrovich, president and co-founder of Själ Skincare. Here, three brands that have developed adaptogenic products.

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