6 Must-Have Travel Apps

From booking travel to finding things to do once you get there, your next trip is about to get even easier.

It wasn't so long ago that booking an amazing vacation involved relying on a trusted travel agent, plenty of research, and the most up-to-date guidebooks possible. But as the way we take trips evolved, so has the way we book travel. According to Ian Naylor, CEO at AppInstitute, “More and more people are relying on apps to aid their holiday experiences, whether that’s to help them discover places to visit or just find their way around." Data from Flurry, the mobile analytic company, shows that 90 percent of our mobile Internet time is spent in apps, with 6,711 travel apps being downloaded every minute. Naylor says this is because apps provide a better user experience. 

Since a whole trip can be planned with little more than a swipe of your finger these days, it's important to stay on top of the latest app offerings. Whether you’re a frequent flier, luxury traveler, or spur-of-the-moment thrill seeker, these new apps will make it even easier to explore the world.