The Next Generation of Sleepwear

Upgrade your bedroom look with the latest in women's pajamas.

Over the past year sleepwear has made a splash with the “pajama dressing movement” taking piped shapeless shirts out of the bedroom and onto the city streets. “This kind of ‘bed-hair-don’t-care’ grunge vibe of the '90s is definitely circulating in fashion culture, but more in terms of sleepwear-inspires-streetwear rather than the other way around,” says Rebecca Smith, founder of sleepwear line RECLINER.

And while pajama-inspired fashion is having a moment, it's also important to pay attention to what you're actually wearing to bed. The high-performance sleepwear trend is growing, and brands like RECLINER and Lunya are at the forefront. Mix trendy, minimalist designs with extra touches like moisture-wicking fabric, and you'll get the latest in women's pjs and loungewear that'll refresh your sleep routine in a chic new way: