raul castillo

My Healthy: Raul Castillo

On the eve of 'Looking: The Movie,' the actor shares his must-have essentials.

Fans of the TV show Looking were pretty bummed when the HBO series was abruptly cancelled after its second season without its characters getting a proper send-off. But on July 23, the show returns to HBO to wrap things up in the form of Looking: The Movie. All the characters are back, including Richie Donado, played by up-and-coming actor Raul Castillo. Because Castillo's character is the on-and-off again love interest of the main character, Patrick (played by Jonathan Groff), the actor is used to quite a few love scenes on the show. And since those are the kind of scenes an actor needs to stay in shape for, Castillo is no stranger to the gym. "A typical workout involves warming up with a light jog or stationary bike ride," he says. "Once I'm warm and loose, I prefer full-body workouts with a mix of pull-ups, push-ups, squats and burpees. I like to keep it varied and to keep my body guessing," he adds. In addition to his workouts, here are the must-haves Castillo relies on to maintain his healthy lifestyle: