Your Summer Scent is All Wrong

A scent expert on why it's okay to change up your fragrance—and six new ones to try.

While most summer fragrances are known for their crisp notes—they remind us of lake houses and freshly cut grass, of picnics and bonfires—Chandler Burr, author and former perfume critic for The New York Times, says you shouldn't be married to the idea of a light scent for this season. "Some deep-water Tom Ford Oud Wood, an amazing opaque scent as smooth and dark as worn teak wood, can also be terrific on a July evening," Burr says. "These are different kinds of beauty, and there's no reason not to experience them all," he adds.

And now that we're in the thick of the summer season, it's time to consider switching up your fragrance. "I'm definitely in favor of trying new scents when the seasons change," Burr says. "It's a really fun way to enter summer."

Here are six new summer fragrances on the market; each of them a complement to wherever the season takes you.