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The music your workout really needs

Margot Moe and the benefits of classical music.

A high performance life is, at its core, a balance of physical and mental well-being. But it also entails an appreciation for style, cuisine and culture. To bring this philosophy to life, we collaborated with the game-changers who truly embody that ethos. The result is a unique series of animated GIFs that represent the intersection of lifestyle and science. This is the Furthermore Elite.

For most people, a typical workout playlist includes a healthy dose of Beyoncé, Major Lazer and Eminem. But musician Margot Moe opts for music you won't usually find on today's charts. Even though the classically trained violinist, composer, singer, and half of the band The Dolls has recorded arrangements for Beyoncé, she goes for Baroque at the gym. 

Many studies have looked at The Mozart Effect, where listening to Mozart's music can temporarily improve the performance of the brain. And in the last couple of years, similar research suggests that classical music can also produce the best results when you’re working out. A study by neuroscientist Jack Lewis reveals that while it’s true that all types of music can be beneficial to training, classical music is ideal because it helps lower perceived exertion as well as levels of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress. The sunny and sweeping "Symphony No 4, 4th Movement" by Beethoven, for instance, can be just the tune to help you run that extra mile. 

Wanna put this theory to the test? Here’s a classical music workout playlist curated by Moe: