heng ou, unzipped

Unzipped: Heng Ou

The author and founder of MotherBees opens up her gym bag.

In her just-released book, The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother, author Heng Ou supplies recipes and advice for brand new moms. Prior to writing the book, Ou founded MotherBees, a food and lifestyle company that caters to the needs of mothers during their first few weeks with a new baby. And when she can, the busy mom of three makes room in her schedule for fitness. "Strategic workouts help me clear my head and keep my MotherBees to-do lists buzzing along," she says. "I'm partial to a vigorous vinyasa yoga class but I can also be found hiking in the canyons around my LA neighborhood, doing some light strength training, or taking the occasional belly dancing class." Here, the staples that keep her going: