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How to (Really) Clean Your Bike

Because your outdoor cycling workouts will improve with a well-oiled machine.

Your bike is out of winter storage, but in order for it to perform optimally, it probably needs a good scrub down. “Cleaning your bike promotes its longevity,” says Ryan Zagata, President of Brooklyn Bike Co. “It also provides an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the mechanical parts of a bike that often go unchecked—like brake cables and chains—but that still need regular maintenance to ensure safe [and efficient] riding,” he adds. Don’t just grab a hose and spray down the bike; not only will that lead to rusting, but you’ll overlook the specific cleaning that is needed for each part. Properly taking care of your bike requires a yearly in-depth tune-up, but here's a primer on how to give it a decent at-home cleaning.