Trending: Red Carpet IV Facials

It's the Oscars pre-game treatment celebs are hooking into.

How do savvy stars stay both radiant and energetic throughout awards season? Two letters: IV. The latest trend in facials involves the addition of a vitamin IV to an already pampering treatment. And it may be the perfect pairing. Like skin treatments, vitamin drips are deeply hydrating. They can fight fatigue, strengthen the immune system, and correct micronutrient imbalances (all reasons why athletes often do nutrient-rich IVs before games).

“Vitamin IVs have been around for a while but they’ve become really popular because people see it as another way of taking care of their health,” says nurse and aesthetician Natalie Aguilar, co-founder of Afterglow Beverly Hills. “And when you combine one with a facial, it offers a real hydrating boost before big events.” In addition to boosting stamina and immunity (think of all the cheek kissing and hand shaking that goes on), it can heighten the glow of the skin.  

IV facials can offer that extra edge, whether you’re prepping to walk the red carpet or just in need of a boost. “The IV provides great endurance and effects that last about 72 hours,” says nurse and aesthetician Carrie Gessler of Leif Rogers, MD. She approaches the celebrities she treats much like the athletes. “They do a lot of working out leading up to the Oscars and everyone’s skin is dry at this time of year, so we focus on really rehydrating for those high-def cameras on the red carpet.”

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