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My Dinner Party: Drew Elliott

You'll want to score an invite to the Thanksgiving soirée prepared by 'Paper' magazine's chief creative officer.

Since he's the chief creative officer for Paper magazine (this is the guy responsible helping Kim Kardashian's backside #BreakTheInternet last year), we wouldn't expect anything less than, um, creative from a Drew Elliott-hosted dinner party. In addition to his innovative day job, Elliott is also known for his presence on the New York nightlife scene, hosting a popular Saturday night party in Manhattan each week. But he's just as happy to host guests inside his home, too. That's why we asked Elliott to give us a preview of the upcoming Friendsgiving party he's planning to host this week. One of his favorite tips on hosting a dinner party is to help guests leave with leftovers. "I always buy those Chinese-style to-go boxes so they're at the ready," he says. "There's nothing worse on the diet than having leftovers around—and no one wants to return Tupperware." Check out Elliott's other must-haves for a successful Thanksgiving dinner party below.