Gym hair how-to: double dutch braids

This easier-than-it-looks style is perfect for sweaty, high-intensity workouts.

Talk about a head-to-toe workout: Opt for a double dutch braid before a cardio, boxing, or cross-training session, and you'll be improving your hair and your body at the same time. That's because Justine Marjan, stylist and editorial director for Mane Addicts, suggests applying a mask to your hair before fixing it. "That way, you're getting a deep conditioning treatment while working out," she says. "Plus, the heat from your workout actually helps the product." The mask (Marjan is a fan of Leonor Greyl Masque A L’orchidee) also does a good job of keeping the hair secure while you're at the gym, too. Watch the how-to video and follow her steps below to achieve the look.

Step 1 Apply a hair mask to strands then work it through the lengths of the hair.

Step 2 Create a clean center part from the front hairline down to the nape of the neck. Clip one side away.

Step 3 Take a small section at the front of the unclipped section of hair and begin a backwards three-strand braid (a dutch braid is created by looping the hair under each section instead of over).

Step 4 Turn the braid into an inside out french braid by adding a small piece of hair each time you loop the hair under.

Step 5Continue adding pieces of hair until all the hair from the section is attached, then finish the three-strand braid all the way to the bottom, securing with an elastic band.

Step 6 Repeat on other side.

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Directed by Mike Rosenthal; Art Direction + Styled by Ashley Heckman