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5 Tricks for Better Summer Hair Color

Haircolorist Johnathan Gale shares lightening trends and treatments.

Coming off winter, every head of hair can use a few highlights as a pick me up, but summer activities (think surfing in the ocean, swimming in chlorine, sweating through trail runs) are hard on newly processed heads.

Smart, strategic color coupled with care is the best way to go, says Los Angeles colorist Johnathan Gale of Sally Hershberger Salon. Gale is a master at hair that looks naturally lightened and remains in good condition. “Think of young, blonde children and how the sun changes their hair as they play outdoors. I just mimic what the sun does,” he says.

His healthy approach inspired a deep-conditioning oil, Replenish, and now a face-and-hair mist made with essential oils and pH-balanced Kangen water. “The blend is invigorating and calming so it’s great to spritz on post workout,” he says.

Here, Gale offers his tips on how fit folks can brighten up without breakage.