The gear that speaks the loudest

Upgrade your fitness wardrobe with gym attire that does the talking for you.

There was a day not so long ago when the message T-shirt was corny: a staple for sports fans, high school girls, or bachelorette parties. But as with most of fashion’s trends, it’s returned—and this time, it’s much improved. Backed by both star-power (Remember Beyoncé’s KALE shirt that went viral?) and explosive fashion-meets-fitness apparel brands, workout gear is taking a vocal and stylish stance.

So speak up and stand out in these seven options.

think strength yoga pant, $59

Add to the conversation with classic black yoga pants that even the most simplistic yogis will love: ‘It’s all in your mind’ is printed on the back and ‘THINK strength’ down the leg. You’ll not only kick that negative voice in your head to the curb, but help you’ll others do the same. THINK donates 10 percent of profits to charities and nonprofits.
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cynthia rowley 'optimist' t-shirt, $55

From the runway to the treadmill, this high-fashion brand has not only made strides in a new (fitter!) direction, but it’s branded its fashion with words. So work up a sweat and let a chic “Whatever” or “Optimist” tee tell the world how you feel.
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ohmhk 'can i kick it?' shirt, $36

We can get behind this Brooklyn-based brand’s main message: to leave “freaky fitness” trends and diets behind in lieu of a general lifestyle of wellness. The company preaches just that through funny—and fun—gear like such as this cute play on a classic yogic phrase.
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bandier 'believe in miracles' muscle tank, $48

When ‘athleisure’ went mainstream, so too did a Southampton, NY pop-up fitness-fashion-music boutique. With sleek stores filled with flashy, fun, and functional clothing, Spiritual Gangster’s ‘Believe in Miracles’ tank is just one of many items at Bandier that'll look just as good in class as it does running errands after.
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liquido active 'i wear adventure' tank, $43

This global fashion brand wants you to speak up—to share powerful and important emotions and feel confident doing so. How better than to that than by wearing your heart on your, well, chest? The limited edition collection of 14 ‘I Wear’ tanks has something for every mood from ‘I wear grace’ to ‘I wear adventure.’
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the upside ramones crew shirt, $158

Jodhi Meares was both a fashion icon and a fitness buff in search of stylish gear that would support her training and her look—so she founded an Australian brand that does just that. Signature, name-bearing ‘The Upside’ tops and sweatshirts add to refined collection of body-sculpting tights, muscle shirts, and shorts but also spread a message of positivity worldwide.
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panatea x knowlita 'sup up & zen out' tank, $30

The name Panatea stems from ‘panacea’—a cure-all or an elixir. And this company’s matcha movement matches just that, going far beyond the tea and inspiring a life of wellbeing in and outside of the kitchen. So beyond tea bags, tins, and whisks, you can sip up, zen out, and be super comfy doing it.
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