Workout: the agility ladder advantage

Trainer Ronald Jean's upper- and lower-body circuit will make you stronger and faster.

Agility—it’s the combo of speed and coordination that enables pro athletes to sprint, stop, turn on a dime, and run again. “Ladder drills improve your speed, boost your coordination, and teach you how to control your center of mass,” says Ronald Jean, a certified strength and conditioning coach and an Advantage Trainer at Equinox Sports Club Beverly Hills. “Plus, they increase your aerobic capacity and strengthen your muscles.”

Ready to lay down the ladder? Follow Jean’s lead in these 10 moves—a mix of running drills that hit your legs hard and ground moves to challenge your upper body. The exercises look tough, but don’t be intimidated: They can all be modified (see “take it down a notch” for the easier variation).

Two or three times a week, perform this routine below as a circuit,doing each move for 30 to 60 seconds in order without resting in between.Then repeat the entire circuit once more.

Photography by Mike Rosenthal; Hair + Makeup by Spencer Barnes; Art Direction + Styled by Ashley Martin Heckman